1. You Should Turn On Gmail's '2-Step Verification' Right Now


    Just did this, and I was shocked at how many apps and services had access to my Gmail. Facebook, Twitter, etc. One fairly simple hack would crush my entire online presence. Oy.

    Thanks, guys.

    I’ve had this on for a while now, and it’s completely worth the minimal hassle of punching in numbers from a text. It requires next to zero effort, and will save your ass one day.

    On a similar note, the story about the WIRED guy who got hacked (shame on him for not backing up, by the way), I finally started using 1Password as it’s intended to be used. I’ve used it just to hold on to my credit card & identity information for quite a while, but in the past few days, I’ve been going through all of my logins and changing the passwords to crazy multicharacter beasts similar to this:

    No, this is not really one of my passwords.

    With 1Password on my computer and the companion app on my iPhone/iPad, I can access all of my accounts easily, but other people cannot. Brute-forcing the passwords is also much, much harder. It’s a small investment of cash, and a little mental re-routing, but the security of ALL OF YOUR THINGS is worth it.

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